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Life update/pic/graph
  Eluflop, Nov 29 2014

Hi guys,
Its been a while, i think this is my first post in 2014. here we go:
So about a year ago i broke up with a girl i was together with for 7 years. Decided its time to make some sort of a change in life. First I Rented a new apartment. The poker didn't go as good as one would wish, so I decided that it's a bit pointless to live the semi antisocial life that the online poker offers you. Coincidentally a friend of mine was just founding a new tennis school and needed a decent coach, I was like alright let's do this. So I started giving tennis group lessons for children and grownups. At first i only gave like 3-5 lessons per day and still played poker a lot. Soon clients started booking private lessons a lot with me. So my life started to shift more and more tennis, less and less poker. So this summer i could't maintain my supernova status in Stars. And that's fine with me. So currently i'm giving like 8-9 lessons a day, enjoying it. I am also selling Babolat tennis gear and rackets, hosting diffirent tennis tournaments and tennis camps in Turkey and elsewhere in Estonia, making a little extra here and there. We got like 220 children and 120 grownups in the tennisschool at the moment.Before i started to work with tennis i weighted about 93-95 kilograms. I thought while im making all these changes I might as well get ripped and loose some weight too, so I started to eat healthy stuff. Cutting out sugar, carbs and stuff your body doesn't really need. So as of right i have lost like 9-10 kilograms. I am currently weighting 85-86. Pretty happy about this. Now me, my new girlfriend and one more friend are working on a cool business idea, scheduled to launch this in Jan 2015. Hopefully we will get it going. Some pics:

Poker: I have played embarrassingly few hands the last four months. So one day this week i came home from work and suddenly felt this urge to play some poker. So i did. I did great so i played the whole week like one or two sessions a day. I played only 6max 100 nl and a little zoom too. Since everybody is a fan of the graph, here it is:

Good Luck at the tables,

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  Eluflop, Mar 31 2013

H guys,
its been a while since my last blog, however here goes nothing. So i graduated from an Estonian university in January 2013. Finally got the shit done, feels good. So i decided to reward myself with a trip to CA, USA. Me and my gf stayed in LA a week , Fresno (where i lived 1,5 years)4 nights and Vegas for 3 nights. Visited my former school, friends and tennis team mates. Was absolutely awesome. Then went to NY for the first time in my life, spent like 4 days there. I loved it, however would not like to live there. when i got back i decided to give my full focus to poker for the first time in my life without nothing interfiering. I have analized a lot of vids and have tried to get better in poker overall last month and a half. Im also trying to drop some weight, was 96 kg after USA, now have gotten it down to 89-90 kg in like 5-6 weeks. Been going to the gym, trying to eat healthier and given up drinking for a while too, been sober for 6-7 weeks so far.

I have never played so much hands as i did in March. I managed to play 97497 hands, i played a total of 133 hours. My last biggest volume month was lik 67 k hands. the first 45 k hands i was playing pretty bad 100 nl 6m regular tables, but then something clicked, and i started to think diffirently of the way i played the game. The last 52 k hands pretty much 3 tabled 100 nl zoom because I am trying to get better and i simply can not handle 4 tables yet playing in my ''new'' style. So it has worked out pretty good so far for me. I also made 28750 vpp's which is a personal best for me too. So here is the graph:

+ ~2000$ bonuses and rakeback
total +6800 $

good luck at the tables,

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  Eluflop, Oct 01 2012

mostly zoom 05/1 6max

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